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Terms & Conditions for E-SHOP

How to order a product?


  • Select the goods you would like to purchase in our e-shop, and add it in the demanded quantity to your shopping cart.
  • Check whether you have actually added the requested type of product and its quantity. Different products are sold in different units (pieces, thousands of pieces, packages, m2, running meters, kg, etc.).
  • Register yourself. If you already are registered in our system, fill out your personal information and confirm.
  • Complete the order.


  • If you want to order the goods over the phone, feel free to do so by calling +420 483 388 327. Our selling assistants will gladly help you choose a product that will best suit your needs.


Postal service

  • The small packages are usually shipped by post (i.e. small quantities of stoppers), because they are shipped in the bubble envelope.
  • The shipping cost is 7.00 EUR incl. VAT / package shipped around the world.
  • If the quantities are bigger, the goods has to be shipped by delivery service Geis and the shipping cost will be higher (conditions are below). You will be informed about new price by our assistant.

Delivery service GEIS

  • The freight cost by delivery service Geis depends on the weight and size of the shipment, urgency and final destination (country). You will receive this information immediately after the order is in our system. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Deliveries will be carried out in accordance with the vendor’s operating facilities, i.e. as soon as possible. The goods are usually dispatched in 5 workdays. In rare cases, the delivery time may be longer – when it concerns, for example, custom made products, etc. Of course, in these cases, we will notify you of the delay in delivery.
  • Delivering the goods to the stated address is regarded as a fulfillment of the delivery.
  • If the buyer doesn’t accept the subject matter of the delivery for reasons lying on his part (in spite of the agreed date, the person to accept the delivery designated by the buyer is not present, or the buyer is incapable of covering the whole purchase price), the buyer, then, bears the expenses associated with the repeated delivery to the full extent.
  • The shipment must be thoroughly examined immediately upon its acceptance and a note of damage has to be written up regarding any defective parcels. Subsequent complaints will not be taken heed to.
  • Charges for transportation abroad are assessed individually. After receiving your order, we shall convey the transportation charge to you.

Payment terms

The delivery costs are covered by the customer. All the foreign orders (beyond Czech republic) has to be paid before delivery.

The payment can be made by the following means:

  • Proforma invoice
    We will send the proforma invoice after the order completion. Please, wait for our email.
  • PayPal
    After the order is checked and the delivery price has been calculated, we will e-mail you a link to the payment gate, where you will be able to pay for your order via PayPal. Your order will be send immediately after realization of the payment.

Information privacy protection

We respect your privacy. In order to provide you with valuable services, we need to know some of your personal data. These data are protected against misuse.

These pieces of information are necessary for identifying you as a purchaser. We’re using them for realization and accounting of your payment, for the purpose of correct delivery of the ordered goods, and for communicating with you.

You personal data allows us to carry out the following accounting operations:

  • make out a tax certificate which is usually demanded by both parties,
  • identify your payment in case it is made by means of a bank transfer order.

All personal data are confidential and no third party is provided access to them.

Terms of complaints

  • You can return the ordered goods within 30 days since acceptance at your own expense. In this case, please contact us by calling +420 483 388 327 or writing
  • It is absolutely essential to write up a note of damage immediately upon accepting the merchandise if it happens to be defective.
  • Subsequent complaints will not be taken heed to.
  • Goods that you are planning on returning have to be intact and complete.
  • Deliver the goods back to our address.
  • Do not send the goods COD.
  • We recommend insuring the goods.
  • After you have satisfied all the above conditions, we will remit the money you have paid for the goods (after deducting 15% charge for returning the goods back to the warehouse) by the same means as your payment has been made.
  • The processing and returning procedures may take up to 45 days.


Cork floors and facings exhibit colour differences among particular tiles or parts. These are analogous to the differences which occur in other natural interior elements, such as in wooden boards. Before laying cork floors or covering walls with cork facings, it is necessary to examine the tiles and eliminate eventual shades which the customer doesn’t wish to have installed.


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